Why San Damiano

Why should I choose San Damiano College for my child's education? 

  • Faith and values-based learning environment where every student is known by name
  • Welcoming, inclusive, and family-oriented environment 
  • High standards of behaviour and respect for self and others 
  • Focus on our values of Community, Respect, Resilience, and Service to others
  • Sense of belonging and community where students “aren't just another number"
  • Nurturing and development of individuals and their abilities 
  • Quality learning and teaching 
  • Broad curriculum and co-curricular options, including the innovative “Genius Hour"
  • Students are participants in “The Resilience Project", an international program teaching students resilience
  • Well-resourced and equipped classrooms with full ICT integration 
  • Development of life-long skills and a love of learning 
  • Commitment to social justice 
  • Preparation for a life of worth, not simply a life of work ​