San Damiano College

​​​​​​​​​Welcome to San Damiano College

San Damiano College is a new co-educational secondary college in Yarrabilba, opened in 2021.

The college has opened with three classes of Year 7s and will continue to expand each year until 2026 when the first cohort of Year 12 students will graduate.​


Fast facts:

College Charism

The college will adopt the Franciscan charism in h​​​onour of St Francis and St Clare. Designed in keeping with the Franciscan tradition, the layout of the college buildings and grounds reflect the distinctive Italian village of Assisi.​

College naming

San Damiano College is named to reflect its connection to the Franciscan tradition. San Damiano was the original name of a chapel, monastery and cross, all located in Assisi in Italy. St Francis was praying in the chapel, in front of what is now known as the San Damiano Cross, when God called him to “repair the Church” – he did so in his work to help us all live the Gospel.

College principal

Peter Edwards is the Principal of San Damiano College. Peter conducts school tours on the last Wednesday of each month, where prospective parents and students are welcome to attend and hear Peter's vision for San Damiano College.


Construction of Stage 1 is completed and Stage 2 will commence in 2022 in time for the 2023 school year. An additional two buildings will be constructed in Stage 2.